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Research expertise at 4CMR is divided between a series of Research Themes producing fundamental research into the methods, theories and data needed to assess climate policies. In practice these Research Themes are closely connected due to the interdisciplinary nature of 4CMR. These advances are then applied in specific projects.


Conservation, Development and Sustainable Land Use

Law, policy and finance for sustainable land development

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Economics of Avoiding Climate Change

E3ME: a macroeconometric model of the global economy

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Energy Systems Modelling

ESM Research: the Future Technology Transformations (FTT) project

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Integrated Climate Impacts Assessment

Assessing the impact of climate mitigation and adaptation policies using systems models

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Supply Chains and Input-Output Models for Decarbonisation

Developing environmentally extended input-output models to assess greenhouse gas reduction across production layers and supply chains of the global economy.

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Vulnerability and Adaptation

Identifying and reducing vulnerability of the built environment and economies to climate change at community, national and global scale

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4CMR has finished its cycle, and has been replaced by the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG). C-EENRG is also located in the Department of Land Economy, with a core mission to "conduct integrative research on the governance of environmental transitions, understood as social and technological processes driven by environmental constraints that lead to fundamental changes in social organisation."

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