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Working Papers

The 4CMR working paper series


4CMR manages its own working paper series. They are not formally peer-reviewed, however they are reviewed internally at 4CMR and by external partners. They can be preliminary results of 4CMR research projects, specialist reports for a non-academic community or derived from PhD reports, MPhil dissertations or other documents that may be early versions of submitted or published work. Readers are invited to review the papers and provide feedback to the authors to improve the papers as they move forward to publication in the scholarly literature.

Many of the 4CMR workings are also mirrored on IDEAS and REPEC.




Working Paper 13

Douglas Crawford-Brown

Regulatory rationality and the role of cumulative risk



Working paper 12

     Douglas Crawford-Brown

Comparative analysis of risk mitigation for goitrogens acting through the NIS mechanism across nations of the EU

Working paper 11

     F. Knobloch and J.-F. Mercure

The behavioural aspect of green technology investments: a general positive model in the context of heterogeneous agents

Working paper 10

     J.-F. Mercure, H. Pollitt, A. M. Bassi, J. E Viñuales and N. R. Edwards

Braving the Tempest: Methodological foundations of policy-making in sustainability transitions

Working paper 09

    Douglas Crawford-Brown

Application of probabilistic risk assessment in establishing the perchlorate and goitrogen risk mitigation strategies


Working paper 08

    Douglas Crawford-Brown

The Provision of a Scientifically Defensible Basis for Perchlorate and Goitrogen Exposure Limits

  Working paper 07

    Margaretha Wewerinke

A Right to Enjoy Culture in Face of Climate Change: Implications for “Climate Migrants”


  Working paper 06

    J.-F Mercure, P. Salas, H. Pollitt, U. Chewpreecha, A. M. Foley
P. B. Holden, N. R. Edwards
The dynamics of technology diffusion and the impacts of climate policy instruments in the decarbonisation of the global electricity sector

  Working paper 05

    Aileen Lam
Projections of future emissions and energy use from passenger cars as a result of policies in the EU with a dynamic model of technological change 

  Working paper 04

    Margaretha Wewerinke
Climate Change, Human Rights and the International Legal Order: The Role of the UN Human Rights Council 

  Working paper 03

    Pablo Salas
Literature Review of Energy-Economics Models, Regarding Technological Change and Uncertainty 

  Working paper 02

    Jean-Francois Mercure and Pablo Salas
An assessment of energy resources for global decarbonisation 
Published in two
            Mercure & Salas, Energy 46 322-336 (2012)
             Mercure & Salas, Energy Policy, 63, 469-483 (2013) open access


  Working paper 01

    Aleix Altimiras-Martin
Basic analytical tool-kit for input-output tables with multiple related outputs: Applications to physical input-output tables with disposals to nature

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4CMR has finished its cycle, and has been replaced by the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG). C-EENRG is also located in the Department of Land Economy, with a core mission to "conduct integrative research on the governance of environmental transitions, understood as social and technological processes driven by environmental constraints that lead to fundamental changes in social organisation."

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