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Peer-Reviewed Publications

A reverse chronological listing of publications from 4CMR
Thoung, C., Beaven, R., Zuo C., Birkin, M., Tyler, P., Crawford-Brown, D., Oughton, E. and Kelly, S. (2016) Future Demands for Infrastructure Services, in The Future of National Infrastructure: A System-of-Systems Approach, ed. by J. Hall, M. Tran, A. Hickford and R. Nicholls, Cambridge University Press.
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for Perchlorate as an Iodide Uptake Inhibitor", Journal of Environmental Protection, 6, 726-734. 

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Barker, T. and Crawford-Brown, D., editors (2015) Decarbonising the Global Economy, Imperial College Press (with chapters by the staff of 4CMR)

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