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Informing research and decisions through publication of our key findings and methods




Our research at 4CMR was communicated to different audiences in various ways. Our audience included academics in various fields of research, policy-makers and the general public. We thus used the following means of communicating our findings:

4CMR peer reviewed publications: our scientific findings of significant importance were published in peer-reviewed journals, which can be explored from here. We tried as much as possible to provide free access to these articles but this is not always possible. When possible, open access options were chosen, or alternatively, article pre-prints and post-prints were made available on repositories such as ArXiv.

4CMR working papers: we made our own work under progress freely available through our own series of working papers, which were internally peer-reviewed. These were also made available through the Repec and Ideas search engines. Many of these papers are work that we subsequently submitted to peer-reviewed journals. 

4CMR briefing papers: we strove to make our work and findings accessible to the non-experts and people in the policy world using our series of briefing papers.


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4CMR has finished its cycle, and has been replaced by the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG). C-EENRG is also located in the Department of Land Economy, with a core mission to "conduct integrative research on the governance of environmental transitions, understood as social and technological processes driven by environmental constraints that lead to fundamental changes in social organisation."

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