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In addition to core staff, 4CMR has a number of Affiliates - located elsewhere at the University of Cambridge and at other institutions - who bring a wealth of expertise and experience that are not fully available amongst the core staff. Affiliates are not members of 4CMR staff, although many hold formal appointments elsewhere at the University of Cambridge. They connect us to organisations outside 4CMR with whom we partner in research. Affiliates carry no formal responsibilities to 4CMR, but they are our first invitees to participate in 4CMR events, collaborate in research proposals, jointly conduct research, draw on 4CMR facilities and resources to conduct that research where approved by the Director, develop Briefing Papers from their ideas and findings, and co-supervise students (if they are members of the research or teaching staff of the University of Cambridge). 

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A key area of research at 4CMR over the past 5 years has been the development of the Future Technology Transformation model, used in exploring how policies influence global technology and carbon. This includes an on-line visualisation tool so you can view our results.

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4CMR works closely with the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance, with overlapping interests, skills and projects. C-EENRG is also located in the Department of Land Economy, with a core mission to "conduct integrative research on the governance of environmental transitions, understood as social and technological processes driven by environmental constraints that lead to fundamental changes in social organisation."

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