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Our aims and intellectual focus
The Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR) produced interdisciplinary scholarly research to identify and assess policies that reduce the risks of climate change while allowing for global economic development. We did this through the study of both mitigation (reducing climate change) and adaptation (reducing the risks when climate change does occur). At the heart of our research was the development of integrated models that allow for the complexity of social and physical processes to emerge through linking knowledge of economic, environmental, energy, land and public health. 
We were part of the Department of Land Economy of the University of Cambridge. Hence our work combined the perspectives of the faculty of the Department: economics, ecology, law, planning, finance, environmental policy, risk assessment, spatial analysis, land and property management.

In addition to research, the staff of 4CMR provided modules in the MPhil programme of the Department, supervised undergraduate, MPhil and PhD student dissertations, and engaged with policy makers and thought leaders around issues of climate change mitigation and adaptation. 




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4CMR has finished its cycle, and has been replaced by the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG). C-EENRG is also located in the Department of Land Economy, with a core mission to "conduct integrative research on the governance of environmental transitions, understood as social and technological processes driven by environmental constraints that lead to fundamental changes in social organisation."

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