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Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research

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About 4CMR

The Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR) is one of the research centres of the Department of Land Economy. We identify and assess policies that reduce the risks of climate change while allowing for global economic development through the study of both mitigation (reducing climate change) and adaptation (reducing the risks when climate change does occur). At the heart of our research are integrated economy-energy-climate-land-health models that allow for the complexity of social and physical processes to emerge. Our work shows that only through inclusion of such complexity can societies correctly identify policies that simultaneously achieve economic, energy, environmental and public health aims. We also work with public and private sector organisations to apply our research in facilitating design and adoption of effective policies and practices.

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4CMR Book is launched

The 4CMR book summarising our findings from the past 5 years is now available through Imperial College Press. The book includes chapters by most of the past and current research staff of 4CMR, with modeling results from the energy-economy-environment models, Future Technology Transformation, human health risk co-benefits, political analysis and the feasibility (social, economic, technological) of decarbonisation options.

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Some Research Themes

Integrated Assessment of Climate Impacts

Connecting energy with the economy, environment and health

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Energy Systems Modelling for Global Decarbonisation

The Future Technology Transformations (FTT) project

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Supply Chains and Input-Output Models for Decarbonisation

Advancing the state of input-output analysis for climate policy

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Vulnerability and Adaptation for Communities and their Economies

Assessing and reducing vulnerability to climate change through adaptation

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Featured Items

FTT adds Transport

Jean-Francois Mercure and Aileen Lam have published analysis of policies for reducing emissions of private passenger transport fleets in six major economies, in the journal Environmental Research Letters. It provides a method to assess the effectiveness of taxes and subsidies on emissions by exploring the likely response of agents using a marketing science approach.

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Launch of the 'Financing the Future of Energy' Report

4CMR collaborated with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and PWC to produce the ‘Financing the Future of Energy’ report, launched in March at the Global Financial Markets Forum in Abu Dhabi, setting out the changing nature of the global energy system over the next several decades.

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Collective governance (1)

We are part of an EU network exploring collective action on carbon emissions through consumer-based policies

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MPhil Modules

4CMR offers three modules on land development, climate change and energy in the Department of Land Economy

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Viewing Results

Scenarios of energy provision, economic growth and climate risk can be explored through on-line visualisation tools

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Collective governance (2)

4CMR is exploring innovative finance and governance options for collective action in waterbasin management

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Climate policy and public health

Our research is helping mobilise political will for climate action through evidence for public health co-benefits

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UK Climate Risk Assessment

4CMR have been appointed to the UK team producing the 2017 UK Climate Risk Assessment

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4CMR represents the University of Cambridge in the UK Tyndall Centre